Personal Trainers: Do they make you run?

An odd misconception that I’ve come across is that personal trainers will make you go running. I’ve been told “I could never hire a personal trainer, I can’t run” and first-time clients have nervously asked, “You’re not going to make me run, are you?”

In short, no, personal trainers do not make you run. At least, not this one.

I don’t like running. I feel every pounding, jagged-breathed, uncomfortable step and I’m completely unable to ‘zone out’. I feel awkward, self-conscious and I can only think of the injury risks. It’s literally torture for me. So why would I do that to a client? I want client’s to come back to me, not hide when I arrive at their front door.

Don’t get me wrong; running is great exercise. It’s free (fancy running shoes aside), it improves cardiovascular fitness and strength, and you can look at the beautiful South Downs instead of a gym wall. But running is not for everyone. Myself included (in case you hadn’t picked up on that yet).

If you enjoy running, then go for it. Knock yourself out. I won’t be running with you though. Running can be your ‘homework’ between personal training sessions. And if you want to run during a personal training session? I’ll be standing at one end of the seafront with a coffee & stopwatch!


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