6 Fantastic Places to Exercise in Eastbourne

These are 6 of my favourite places to exercise in Eastbourne…

  • Your Own Home! There is nowhere more convenient to exercise, especially in bad weather. Keep an eye on my blog for tips about exercises that you can do at home.
  • Your Garden/Patio/Balcony. If you have an outside space, even a tiny one, you can use it for exercising. Studies have shown that you burn more calories exercising outside, which is thought to be because you take in more oxygen and also work harder in case someone is watching!
  • Your Local Park. There are so many beautiful parks in Eastbourne to suite every taste. Make the most of them. Go for a brisk walk and add a few press-ups off the seat of a park bench. Or invest a few pounds in a skipping rope and pretend you’re 8 years old again (jumping is not advisable if you have problems in your joints though).
  • The Beach. The pebbles are excellent for building core strength and joint strength as you keep your balance. Try doing walking lunges between the sea defence groins. I guarantee it’ll wake up your legs!
  • The Seafront Promenade. Grab a pair of rollerblades (stop laughing) and go for it. It’s low impact and is excellent cardiovascular exercises for healthy heart and lungs. So is walking, if the rollerblading idea doesn’t grab you.
  • The South Downs. This is my personal favourite. There is nothing as beautiful as a walk on the Downs. The hilly terrain adds different levels of intensity to your walk and if you’re up for it, increase your pace for short intervals as well.

Can you think of anywhere else you can exercise?


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