What Makes Us Give Up On Exercise?

Laid back vacation style in a wooden chair

We all begin new exercise regimes with the best of intentions, and at a time we’re feeling strong, motivated and positive. So what makes us quite exercising? There are several things which almost guarantee that you’ll give up.

  • Taking on too much. That idea of exercising 5 times a week may have seemed like a realistic plan once upon a time, but it takes a lot of dedication, physical energy and willpower to keep going with that sort of regime.
  • Lack of time. Long days at work, running the kids around at the weekend, looking after the grandchildren all day? We are all time-poor and there’s always a perfectly reasonable excuse not to fit in a workout.
  • Too much like hard work. Exercise takes a bit of effort, that’s the simple truth. We’re creatures of comfort and it’s very tempting to avoid that workout and relax with a glass of wine instead. I know this from experience!
  • Not getting the results you want. We are often impatient and want instant results. When that bikini body or 6-pack does not instantly materialise, we can be tempted to just give up.
  • Boredom! Have you ever noticed how boring some exercise is? You’ll have your own pet-hate (mine’s jogging) and if that’s the only exercise you do, you’ll soon get fed up with it.
  • Lack of motivation. Sometimes it feels like nobody else really cares whether you are trying to get fit and healthy or not. This might make it harder to motivate yourself, especially if you’re already suffering from the problems mentioned above.
  • Slipping back into old habits. Our old habits were habits for a reason. An evening of chocolate covered hobnobs in front of The Bake Off can be much more inviting than a workout and a healthy dinner. Beware of your old comfort zones!

In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll give you some tips about avoiding the common pitfalls of exercise. And also see “5 Reasons You’ll Stick With Exercise”.


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