Equipment Free Core Exercise: The Plank

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Want to increase your core strength? Fed up with crunches or sit ups? Then try The Plank.

The plank focuses on strengthening your core muscles but uses almost every muscle in your body! And, as with all the best exercises, you don’t need any equipment to do it and you can do it anywhere.

How To Do The Plank:

Start off ‘on all fours’ with your elbows, forearms, knees and toes on the floor. Place your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Straighten your legs so that you are supporting yourself on your elbows, forearms and toes. Keep your body in a straight line from heels to the top of your head – avoid sticking your bottom up or sagging in the middle. Hold this position for as long as you can and when you have had enough, lower your knees to the floor.

If you are not confident doing the the plank, you can start by doing the plank on your knees. As explained above, keep your body in a straight line from knees to the top of your head.

To begin with, just hold the plank (on your knees or toes) for about 10 seconds, then rest for a few moments and repeat it. You will quickly increase your strength and the amount of time you can hold the plank position. You’ll be able to hold the plank position for 1 minute before you know it!

If you feel pain at any time, stop doing the plank immediately.


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