Healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast is often a rushed or boring affair, or is overlooked altogether. So here are a few quick, easy, healthy ideas to help you start the day full of energy.

  • Homemade granola. Making the granola takes about 30 mins but it makes loads and it lasts for ages.
  • Shredded wheat, Weetabix or sugar free Alpen – high in slow-release carbohydrates.
  • Boiled egg and Ryvitas. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. You can cook the eggs in advance and have a supply at the ready.
  • Scrambled eggs on toasted, wholemeal English muffins – add smoked salmon for a decadent touch and to boost your Omega 3 oils.
  • Porridge made with rolled oats to keep you full for longer.
  • Baked beans on wholemeal toast.
  • Kippers – fantastic source of Omega 3 oils.
  • Fruit smoothie (although fruit is high in sugar, so be careful of this).
  • Vegetable smoothie (although some look like liquidised grass cuttings).
  • Avocado on wholemeal toast – as recently made famous by Nigella!
  • Peanut butter and banana on wholemeal toast.

How many more can you think of?




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