Hidden Sugars: 20 Foods Containing Hidden Sugar

Last week’s announcement about the ‘sugar tax’ to be placed on high-sugar soft drinks has divided opinion. Will it work? Is it treating us like idiots who can’t make sensible decisions? Should other food companies be charged a similar ‘tax’? I’m sure you have thoughts on the matter.

But which other foods and drinks contain hidden sugar? Here’s a list of 20 culprits. Are any of them a surprise to you?

  1. Cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets and ice creams – no surprise there then!
  2. Drinks – Fizzy drinks are the obvious ones but squashes, cordials, flavoured waters, energy drinks, fancy coffees and fruit juices can all contain sugar.
  3. Bread.
  4. Smoothies.
  5. Baked beans.
  6. Flavoured yoghurt – It may be advertised as low-fat or 0% fat but there’s sugar in there which your body could store as fat.
  7. Flapjacks, cereal bars and energy bars.
  8. Sausage rolls.
  9. Coleslaw.
  10. Pre-made soups.
  11. Ham.
  12. Stir-in sauces like pasta sauces, sweet & sour, curry sauces, hoisin, etc.
  13. Alcohol.
  14. Some cereals.
  15. Pizzas.
  16. Table sauces like ketchup, brown sauce, barbecue sauce, chutneys and relishes.
  17. Most take-aways.
  18. Salad dressings.
  19. Some breaded fish and fishcakes.
  20. Dried fruit – All fruit contains natural sugar but dried fruit is smaller so you eat more of it, and it is sometimes covered in sugar as well. There are, however, much worse things you could be eating!

So basically, any food which is processed or pre-prepared could contain hidden sugar. If you use fresh ingredients and make meals from scratch yourself, you can control exactly what you eat. This will help you avoid sugar much more easily.


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