Equipment-Free Back Exercise: Back Extensions

Back extension exercises strengthen your lower back muscles – a vital part of your core strength. Back extensions are equipment-free, low impact and are done lying down. How many exercises can you say that about?!

How to do a back extension:

Lie face down, with your feet/toes on the floor (if barefoot, place the tops of your feet against the floor but this is harder if wearing shoes) and arms by your sides, palms down. As you breathe out, slowly raise your chest off the floor, pulling your shoulder blades together. Focus on the floor slightly ahead of you, to ensure you don’t overstretch your neck. Keeping your feet/toes on the floor, hold this position for a moment and, as you breathe in, slowly lower your upper body to the floor.

Aim for 10-16 crunches, then repeat 2 or 3 times.

As with all exercises, if you feel any pain during this exercise, stop immediately.

Also see my post about abdominal crunches. Do about twice as many lower back exercises as abdominal exercises, to ensure that your back remains strong.

And one final warning: Your cat may want to join in…



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